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Welcome to The Curved Couch! Our online counseling site is dedicated to offering Real Solutions to Real Problems. Whether you are struggling in a relationship, dealing with something at school or work, or having trouble motivating your kids, we are here for you. Through offering advice and online counseling, we aim to help you make sense of your situation and overcome the obstacles you are facing. More than likely, you’re here because you need a little help and aren’t sure where to turn. Feel confident that you’ve arrived at the right place. At the Curved Couch, we promise to do our very best to help you navigate the rough waters of life by offering expert listening, brainstorming, troubleshooting, and guidance. We know that during your experience working with us, you will gain confidence, understanding, and peace of mind, no matter how difficult your situation.

We are dedicated to helping you overcome your obstacles and achieve your goals with experienced, honest Internet counseling unlike any other site. When we ourselves set out to find a reliable and convenient Internet counseling service to help individuals succeed, we were left without any options. So, we decided to create The Curved Couch to fill that need. We focus on helping you to understand your current trials by looking at things from a new point of view. We’ll help you examine and overcome your troubles by pinpointing alternatives and providing solutions. Everyone is different, and each individual trial is even more unique, but we believe that by offering another look at your situation, you will be able to better handle the problems in your life. Take a look at some of our examples and see whether our friendly, experienced online counselors can help you. When you're ready, contact us!

We've helped many individuals, couples, and families overcome the troubles they're facing with caring, practical advice. Our hope is that we can give you some new tools with which to improve your situation, as well as a better understanding of the big picture. Sometimes, trials can overwhelm a person and seem unsolvable. We offer support and guidance to help you get back on track, to give you new direction and motivation.

Online counseling is a bit different from seeing a local professional. The format of offering counseling via Internet is similar to the advice columns you might find in your newspaper. It offers a more personal take because we respond to you directly and never share your information with anyone. Many of our packages offer multiple messages which allow us to share in your progress and success. This type of advice and counseling can provide helpful insight for a wide variety of situations, but it is not appropriate for every issue. If you are dealing with a very serious issue, such as feeling suicidal or homicidal, we recommend getting in touch with a local professional for direct consultation.


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